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  Domestic and Household Items
  At Raipur Associates we have been delivering variety of domestic and house hold items to meet the needs of supplies of the organizations. Our dedicated team always remain available to meet the delivery deadlines , we would assist you in all possible ways , browse the products below.
Textile Products
These include synthetic / Fleece blankets , Bed Sheets & other home textiles products (duvets, pillows, sleeping bags etc.)
Mosquito Nets
Treated and un -Treated Mosquito Nets are available in a lot of varieties.
Foam Mattresses / Folding Bed (COT)
Can deliver custom sized and in desired material.

Foldable / Collapsible Jerrycans
Its the main necessity to provide clean water in all disaster relief projects and other daily needs. We can supply as per requirements.
Buckets (Plastic & Galvanized Steel)
Kitchen Sets , Aluminium cooking pots
Kitchen sets, aluminum and stainless steel. Cutlery ,Baking Utensils and Cooking Utensils can be supplied as per demands.
Hygiene Items
Laundry/toilet soap, washing powder, tooth paste, sanitary pads, baby diapers etc. all sanitary products

Solar Lanterns / Solar street light  
Solar & Crank Radios  
Kerosene Stoves, Lanterns, Heaters  
Hot Water Bottles

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